Parent Testimonials

Our experience and time at Oakwood Children’s House was exceptional, and we believe the foundation our son received while there has continued to benefit him to this day. The staff at OCH is extremely dedicated and nurturing. They fully engage the children – the environment is educationally and socially stimulating.
-Christine    craft1OCH creates a nurturing learning environment where the strong focus on developing a sense of self reliance is encouraged among the students. Our son has strengthened his mathematical and reading skills through the challenging opportunities which are presented to him, and receives consistent encouragement in his various endeavours from the caring and conscientious staff. We have been so pleased with our child’s time spent in the program, as he prepares for his next step forward to Grade 1″.
-OCH Parent

I can very honestly say that my daughter has never been so effectively engaged in learning, and has never been so happy in a learning environment, since she was part of Oakwood Children’s House.  Nearly every day she would share all the things she and experienced at OCH and was genuinely excited to connect to the teachers, other OCH kids and with the activities in the program each day.  It was a great foundational start to her educational experience that I have so far found unmatched in other learning settings.  As well, the children and families she met while at OCH are still very much a key part of her life.  Although several of them go to different schools now, she still counts them among her closest friends.  The quality of the daily program and the caring investment of the staff made our experience at OCH all the more valuable
-OCH Parent


Our son received a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder at the age of three and a half. As a consequence of the diagnosis, the Developmental Paediatrician at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital recommended we delay our son’s entry to Junior Kindergarten by one year, and instead enroll him in a structured daycare program. The year’s delay was to be used to apply interventions and therapies and give our son time to build social behaviors and communication skills to a kindergarten peer level. We received a call from Maureen at Oakwood Children’s House the same day he was diagnosed, stating that they had a spot for him. I cautiously disclosed his diagnosis to Maureen, who did not miss a beat, stating that their program was geared to children of varying developmental levels.

The sincere welcome given to our son during that first phone call and his first visit to OCH continued for three years. Now, at six, our son will soon “graduate” from Oakwood Children’s House to grade one. Our relationship with OCH is invaluable, as we believe its early interventions helped change the course of our son’s life by helping him overcome some of the learning challenges that children with Autism Spectrum Disorders face.

Vicenta as a Montessori teaching lead has a strong process for education. She is proactive at getting children engaged and even getting ahead. She makes modifications to the teaching material as necessary, tailored to the individual child. The Oakwood Children’s House environment is a safe and positive one. We would recommend Oakwood Children’s House for any child, even if he didn’t require daycare.

Oakwood Children’s House is a secret gem of a school for preschool age children. I wish all kindergarten teachers would look into the program. My two children thrived with a feeling of security and the learning opportunities given to them at OCH.
 We miss you!

We couldn’t have asked for a better experience of early education and social development for our son. The staff and the program at OCH are unsurpassed and we only wish it could have extended to grade 6!

18 months ago, my wife and I were looking for a local (St. Clair West) daycare for our daughter that would fulfill our criteria of: quality education and care, skilled and considerate teachers, healthy environment (natural light, not in a underground/basement space, adequate outdoor playground). We visited several daycares in the area, yet did not find a school that fit our criteria or “felt” right to us; we were disheartened and confused that our research could not locate a daycare for our needs. By word-of-mouth, a parent of a 3-year attendee of Oakwood Children’s House (we all call OCH) recommended we visit OCH because of the great teachers, Montessori program, special environment, etc.

Our 3.5 yr daughter has been at OCH for a year and she is thriving in a truly special, quality daycare/learning atmosphere with extremely skilled and caring teachers and staff. She literally beams with happiness as she greets her teachers and friends each morning. We are really happy with her development in the areas of self esteem, confidence, empathy, learning skills (counting, spelling, writing). My wife and I are grateful to the wonderful team at Oakwood Children’s House and thrilled to have found OCH for our daughter. We encourage you to visit OCH and see this special environment “in action” for yourself.