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Full-day kindergarten

Frequently asked questions

Q: What will my child learn in junior and senior kindergarten?

Kindergarten is an introduction to the more formal learning that begins in grade 1. Teachers plan and set up educational toys and games in “activity centers,” which children visit during the class. Kindergarten students do not usually get homework, but they often bring home books to read with their parents. Reading with your child — in any language — is one of the best ways to help him or her succeed in school.

 Q: What will my child learn at Oakwood Children’s House?

Oakwood Children’s House offers formal learning starting at 2 ½ years old.  Teachers prepare learning materials and educational centers focused on early learning in language, math, geography, science and sensorial areas.  Children are encouraged to learn and develop reading and math skills at a very young age following Maria Montessori’s method of teaching. Our students are given one-on-one teaching and group work and are able to learn and thrive in our environment, as well as develop self esteem and independence.

Please call to arrange a visit and tour of our program.  We would be happy to show you what our students are learning!

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Maureen O’Neill BSc., RECE